Frequently Asked Questions

What are the washing instructions for tie dye clothing?

All items are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. When you receive your item, you can wash in a washing machine in COLD WATER with colors or darks like your regular clothes. Machine dry on medium.

Will the colors bleed in the laundry?

Nope! Your tie dye garment has gone through a rigorous process including: pre-washing the garment before dying; intensive hand-rinsing after dying using cold and extremely hot water; it is laundered twice using professional textile detergent along with an extra special cloth that attracts excess or loose dye, and all items are rinsed twice during these wash cycles. It is extremely rare that Dazzle Tie Dyes will bleed in the laundry due to this rigorous process. If you are worried at all, I recommend washing your tie dyed clothing separately for the first few washes and always wash on cold! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Will the tie dye colors fade?

No, the colors will not fade. Your tie dye garment has gone through a comprehensive professional tie dye process using high-quality fiber reactive dyes and extensive washing using professional textile detergent to ensure long-lasting color for the life of the item.

When will my item ship?

Most items ship in 2 to 5 days. Some made-to-order custom items may take longer and we will contact you if your order will take longer than 2 weeks to ship!

Why do tie dye clothing sizes seem to “run small”?

Due to most items being 100% cotton or nearly all cotton, tie dye clothing tends to shrink during the washing and drying process before delivery to the customer. For this reason, we recommend sizing one size up, or asking for help with sizing before purchasing!

What size tie dye should I order??

I recommend ordering one size larger than usual for tank tops, bodysuits, and panties for women. If you’re unsure of what size to purchase, please contact us with questions before purchasing. If your item is too large or too small, please review our Returns policy page and contact us for options on what we can do. If we can re-sell the item, we may accept a return at the store owner’s discretion. Typically however, instead we may ask you to gift the item to someone else and we’ll make you a new item in the correct size with a 50% discount.

What does Upcycled mean on an item?

Upcycled indicates an item has been previously worn or used, yet is still in good condition to be loved by someone new.

Why do you charge these prices?

Several reasons, thanks for asking! First, I use some of the most expensive dyes and other professional tie dye-making products to ensure my tie dyes are bright and durable. The costs of all the materials adds up quickly – you might be shocked! So my prices reflect those costs. Some clothing items cost more to source than others, which is reflected in the product’s final price. Some items take longer to tie and dye than others. There are many variables affecting tie dye prices. Please join our VIP Tie Dye Club to get the best special offers!